AMD Tonga Actually Has A 384-Bit Memory Bus

It was once reported about a year ago that AMD’s Tonga GPU had a 384-bit memory interface, not the 256-bit interface it was using. We did not hear much about it until today where it has actually been confirmed that the chip does indeed have a 384-bit memory interface.

AMD Radeon

The information was confirmed by PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout who tweeted about it.


So why does Tonga not make use of the 384-bit memory bus? Well if they actually used the full 384-bit bus they would have a hard time positioning the product in terms of price / performance. I guess this makes sense, but does this mean that we could possibly see a Tonga-based product making full use of the 384-bit interface? I guess it could happen, only time will tell.

Source: PC Perspective | News Archive

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