AMD Working on Larger 7nm “Navi 12” Silicon To Power Radeon RX 5800 Series

It appears as if AMD is working on a large GPU based on its new “Navi” architecture to power a new high-end graphics card family, which is more than likely the Radeon RX 5800 series. “Navi 12” is doing its rounds on social media on familiar accounts that have had high credibility with rumors and pre-launch news.

navi 12

Since the “Navi 10” silicon was designed to compete with NVIDIA’s “TU106” silicon as the XT and Pro variants were designed to outperform the original RTX 2060 and RTX 2070, we can assume that “Navi 12” is going to go up against NVIDIA’s “TU104” silicon.

NVIDIA’s being forced to launch their RTX Super Series was particularity costly for them. They had to move up to the “TU104” silicon for the RTX 2070 Super and for the RTX 2060 they had to spend 33% more on the memory chips. If AMD is indeed taking a swing at the “TU104” we could see an AMD card competing against both the the RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super.


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