AMD Zen 3 Vermeer CPUs coming October 8, Big Navi RDNA 2 GPUs coming October 28

NVIDIA recently unveiled its new RTX 30 series of GPUs, and now we’re living in a week of next-generation console reveals. It’s obvious that we’re all looking at AMD to release its next generation of GPUs, and it looks like it is happening soon. AMD has announced that it’s debuting its Zen 3 Ryzen CPUs on October 8, followed by its next-gen GPUs on October 28. 

AMD has done very well catching up to Intel in the CPU wars, but its fight with NVIDIA has been rather lackluster. It could be up for a change, though, as AMD is unveiling its next-gen GPUs on October 28. The next generation is called RDNA 2, a.k.a. Big Navi, and is likely to bear the series name of Radeon RX 6000. 

The release was announced by AMD chief Lisa Su today, who had earlier said that AMD will release the next-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs for the consumer market before the end of the year. The CPUs are set for a reveal on October 8. Check out the tweet by Lisa Su announcing these dates:


RDNA2 is shrouded in mystery as the series is expected to be a new high for AMD. It could mark the beginning of AMD catching up with NVIDIA, or it could go off as another flop in the Radeon graphics department, which hasn’t done very well the past few generations. Zen 3 desktop CPUs on the other hand are just in time to battle against Intel’s new 11th gen Tiger Lake chips.

Either way, we’ll find out. Intel has already sparked the battle, and NVIDIA is already preparing for competition, so let’s hope we see some great stuff from AMD. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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