AMD Zen Core to Offer a 40% IPC Increase Over Excavator

Yesterday was AMD’s Investor Day presentation, led by CEO Lisa Su and CTO Mark Papermaster. One thing AMD really emphasized during the presentation was getting the CPU core design right. They announced that their “Zen” CPU core will offer a massive 40 percent increase in IPC (instructions per clock) or performance / clock over the existing “Excavator” CPU core.


AMD’s new Zen CPU architecture will be built on the 14nm FinFET process, and will have new features like SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) and a brand new low-latency cache system. The first products that will be based on Zen will be desktop CPUs in the FX processor family.


These new CPUs will be launched in 2016. AMD will be bringing both the CPU and APU into a single socket, which will be called AM4. This will allow you to install both CPUs (no integrated graphics) and the upcoming 7th generation APUs (which will have iGPUs) on the same type of motherboards.


Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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