AMD’s 45W Richland A10-6700T Launches Next Week

AMD will be expanding their Richland A-Series with the new 45W APUs which include the A10-6700T and A8-6500T. The Richland A-Series made its debut in June with 100W and 65W parts. These new 45W APUs are a good addition to the series for users who want to build low power budget friendly systems.

AMD Richland A10-6700T

The A10-6700T is a quad-core chip with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, we currently do not know the turbo speed. It will have 4MN of L2 cache and a HD 8650D integrated graphics part. It will be clocked at 760 MHz and has 384 shaders. It will have a GPU boost of 844 MHz. It is expected to launch next week with a retail price of $150, many people are expecting it to be lower than that.

The other chip is the A8-6500T. We are unsure if this chip will be launching next week with the A10-6700T or not. It will also come in the 45W TDP package. It is also a quad-core part with a frequency of 2.1 GHz, while the turbo speed remains unknown. It will have 4MB of L2 cache and a HD 8550D integrated graphics part that is clocked at 720 MHz and features 256 shaders.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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