AMD’s 7nm+ Zen 3 EPYC Milan CPU spotted, ES chip with 2.2GHz clocks

AMD’s next generation of chipsets has been showing up a lot lately, and with every new leak, the excitement is only rising! Now we have a new leak with details of the next-generation Zen 3 EPYC Milan CPU made with the 7nm+ process. Read on!

The leak comes thanks to ExecutableFix on Twitter, who published details of an Engineering Sample (ES) chip of AMD’s next-generation server chipset, giving us a look at the clock speeds of the upcoming chipsets. The leak shows that the Zen 3 EPYC Milan CPU runs at a base clock of 1.5 GHz and boosts up to 2.2 GHz. The model number shown by the CPU is AMD Eng Sample: 100-000000114-07_22/15_N.

The tweet also mentioned that this ES chip matches the current generation EPYC Rome chipset. Rome chipsets had also shown similar clock speeds in the ES stage. Another leaker, Komachi, tagged the AMD EPYC Milan chip as Genesis. The Genesis tag is used to refer to the Ryzen Threadripper 4000 series, also built on Zen 3.

The new Milan CPU is expected to drop sometime next year after the Renoir APUs and Vermeer Desktop CPU series are announced. We can expect better performance per watt over the last generation and even Intel’s Ice Lake Xeons.

Looking forward to the next generation of AMD chipsets? We sure are! Talk to us in the comments, down below!

Via Wccftech

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