AMD’s Next-Gen AM4 Socket Pictured

We keep on getting closer and closer to the launch of AMD’s Zen CPUs and the new AM4 socket. Well leaked shots of the AM4 socket PGA (Pin Grid Array) have been revealed. Taking a closer look the design it has 1331 pins, just six short of 1337, c’mon AMD!

AMD AM4 Socket

AMD’s current AM3+ socket has been around for quite sometime. The new AM4 socket will bring with it native PCI-Express 3.0 support, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1 functionality. AM4 will also support dual-channel DDR4 memory with up to four DDR4 DIMMs running at 3200 MHz. You will get support for up to 24 PCI-Express lanes, depending on the chipset, which brings AMD to equal playing field with Intel’s mainstream LGA1151 socket.

The AM4 socket uses the same 40×40 mm space as AM3+ did. It is a PGA socket with zero insertion force and uses the same locking mechanism as well. The pin count is much higher than AM3+ (943) at 1331 pins. That pin count is even more than Intel’s current LGA1151 socket.

AMD is expected to launch Zen CPUs in early 2017.

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