AMD’s Radeon R9 300 Series Could Launch June 18th

New information regarding the launch of AMD’s R9 300 series has surfaced on, which has been pretty spot on with their leaks lately. According to their report the AMD Radeon R9 300 series will be launching on June 18th, but we will have to wait till the 24th of June for Fiji XT.


The June 18th date is the approximate time frame of E3 2015 and AMD is holding their own “PC Gaming Show” on the sidelines of E3. I would like to point out that the R9 300 series cards that are expected to launch here are the same OEM ones AMD quietly launched last week, but of course will be the retail versions. Sadly all of these cards (R9 380, R9 370, R9 360, etc) will be rebrands.

The later date of June 24th will be for the launch of the Fiji XT GPUs (R9 390X, etc), which we expect to get its own launch event. It has been reported that this card will come in both a water-cooled edition and normal version. Specifications for this card could be 4096 GCN 1.2 stream processors, 256 TMUs, 128 ROPs, and a 4096-bit wide HBM interface, which at its 1.25 GHz memory clock will offer a bandwidth of 640 GB/s.

It is also expected that we will see many new R9 300 series cards at Computex, but they will not launch until at least E3 according to this report.

Source: via WCCFTech | News Archive

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