Amped Intros Long-Range Wireless AC Router

Amped wireless a Tech company on a mission to develop long range wireless products has launched its latest product the ‘RTA 15’, which is a one of a kind long-range AC router. The CEO of Amped Wireless, Mr. Owen while addressing the practicality of the device claimed that the router would allow its owner to have access to faster web browsing, streaming, and downloading on any Wi-Fi supporting device all around his home or office.


The Tech features include:

  • Three high gain 5dBi antennas.
  • Two 2.4 GHz 700mW amplifiers.
  • Four 5 GHz 700mW amplifiers with advanced two-stage amplifiers, and four advanced, low noise amplifiers.
  • A USB port for file sharing
  • Five Gigabit Ethernet ports (one is for the modem) for wired networking.

The working principle is similar to a sports car, where a twin turbo adds to its performance similarly the two-stage amplifiers double the Wi-Fi signals while adding to both range and performance.

Smart security features include:

  • Ability to restrict access to specific users.
  • Setting a daily time schedule for the availability of the wireless network.
  • To control the range of the device.
  • And an added feature of secure push button for WPS devices.

One of the most lucrative features of the RTA 15 AC router is its ability to penetrate walls to provide wireless network to its user. So now you can fearlessly carry your Wi-Fi device around the premises of your house and even to the toilet without leaving the door open and still getting high quality, high speed streaming.

The RTA15 will be available for shipping on 16th July for $189.99 USD.

Source: Amped PR | News Archive