Android vs. iOS: compared new beta functions

Apple recently introduced the new features that will be present on iOS 11, which are generally known among Android users. On the other hand, Google has been expanding the functionality of its system with Android O, which will bring features that the Apple system does not yet have. We decided to make a new comparison between the two and their recent resources.


Both systems rely on screen split mode when in multitasking. Now, with respect to iOS 11, the novelty is the option to drag texts and files from one window to another. Android has this possibility since Nougat, but it is necessary that the manufacturer of the smartphone activate this function in the system.

Reduced keyboard

Now on iOS you can change the keyboard layout by pressing the emoji button for a few seconds. On the Google keyboard, this feature has been around for some time, and you can turn it on in the same way, that is, by pressing the comma button and selecting the resize option.

Internal maps

Apple Maps is well behind schedule compared to its competitors, such as Here Maps and Google Maps. The novelty now in IOS 11 is the internal maps of establishments. At this first moment, Maps will only work in the US with this feature, but you can already find maps of airports and malls in your city on Maps.

Photo app with new effects

Apple captivates its users by including beautiful features in the iOS photo application. On the other hand, Google has optimized the standard Android camera app as well as Photos, which can be a complete photo gallery. The camera interface has undergone a review on Android Lollipop, making room for amateur and professional creations. Exporting RAW images, timelapse recording with stabilization and RA effects (augmented reality) are some of the present tools. Unlike iOS, Android users can download alternatives to the Play Store and set them by default, without having to live with the native solution. In addition, losing data related to iOS photo application might be a serious problem but don’t worry as you can use special software like Apeaksoft iOS Data Recovery.

Lock screen notifications

IOS 11 changed the organization of notifications, prioritizing the latest ones at the top. During the first tests I noticed that anything that appeared on the screen after three hours was classified as “old notifications”. Thus, they did not appear at the top of the locking screen, but rather when we slide the screen from the bottom up.

QR Code reader in camera application

This inclusion was so obvious, you might have wondered: why had not Apple integrated a QR Code reader into the iOS camera before? Holding the camera app icon with 3D touch the option to scan codes is displayed. On Android, however, this feature is available in the camera software for a few devices, depending on the manufacturer, but you can download numerous apps in the Play Store that do the same job.

Setup wizard

The new Apple setup wizard is able to migrate settings between devices running with iOS. Android offers this option in a number of different ways, such as the Google Account, the migration wizard, and also through other alternatives that manufacturers offer. In the past, it was possible to do this migration through the NFC, transferring text messages, photos, adjustments and other information from an old cell to a new one. You might face some problems related to deleted emails so that you have to know how to retrieve deleted emails.

Control Center Vs. quick settings

The control center is a great option to give iOS users quick access to system functions. IOS11 also allows the commands displayed in it to be customized. Maybe Apple will allow developers to integrate the PBX with their applications in the future.

Whatever the outcome, iOS and Android continue to increase their capacity day by day.

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