Android vs. iPhone, which One is the Best for On-the-Go Streaming?

As mobile phone companies keep on launching a new model every year and claim many unique features, it is becoming difficult for buyers to choose one. Both Android and iPhones have distinct features, users are always confused which one to choose.

Online streaming on mobile devices is a growing trend. This is why mobile phone companies have started giving out streaming apps in mobile phones by default. However, the set-back faced by users is that many of the streaming services are geo-restricted. However, if you follow the guides by Streaming Rant, you can easily bypass these restrictions. Once you have worked that around, you must be wondering about android vs. iPhone, which one is the best for on–the–go streaming.

So please do not waste time and dive into the article where we have discussed the essentials of live streaming and the best mobile for each essential.

Which is Better, iPhone or Android, for Watching Online Films?

You have to keep in mind many things when you are going away from your home and want to watch live streams and movies. Because movies and live streams last for almost 2- hours, and mostly you are outdoors.

Moreover, you do not have the facility of an electricity outlet everywhere, and you can not search for movies there as electricity connection is not stable everywhere.

Following are the things you must keep in mind before choosing a mobile for enjoying online programs.

1. Battery Life

There is no comparison of the battery life of android and iPhone as it is clear that android batteries last long. Once you have charged them to the fullest, there is no need to charge them for the next 8 hours.

However, if we talk about the iPhone’s battery life, it is less, and you have to recharge them after every 3 hours. So concerning battery life, android phones are best for watching movies and tv programs.

2. Brightness

New models of Iphones have Retina XDR display. When we increase its brightness to the maximum level, then it is 800 nits. Thus you can easily look at the screen and enjoy our program even when you are traveling, and there is a lot of sunlight.

One of the most astounding characteristics of iPhones is that their sensors are very active and automatically manage the brightness when brightness is extraordinarily high. For example, sometimes it brightens up to 1200 nits.

However, there are no such android phones that can manage the color temperature and brightness according to the surroundings; moreover, even their brightness is highest. We cannot enjoy the show due to poor vision.

3. Peripheral Attachment

When we are on an outing, we must carry headphones or earbuds with us because we have to show good manners and wear headsets while listening to anything, so we do not disturb anybody.

But accidents can happen, suppose you may lose your earbuds, then iPhone users will have many problems because these mobiles use other slots and do not charge by usual USB slots.

So you cannot share the earbuds with anybody else, and it is also not so easy to find a new one. That’s why android phones are best because you can attach as many peripherals with them as they have a standard USB slot.

4. Security

We use different kinds of apps to watch movies and enjoy live streams, but all apps are not secure as they have different kinds of viruses and malware, so you must be aware of them.

If you are an iPhone user, you need not worry because you have access to a few apps, but all those are secure and do not harm your mobile and data.

However, in android, you can download all types of apps; there are no restrictions in android, but some of the apps must have malware that damages our device and can hack your data. Thus you have to be precautious. Other than that, knowing why you need a VPN to access Netflix, you can easily install them on Android for streaming.

5. Screen

Many android phones have a pop-up camera which means the size of the screen is large, so you get a wide view and enjoy all details of videos.

But in iPhones, there is no pop-up camera on any model; instead, they have a built-in camera in the front interface that restricts the full large view. That’s why android phones are best for you if you enjoy watching on giant screens more than on smaller screens.

Imagine watching horror movies or Tv shows on Netflix on your mobile device, for which you need to have better screen quality. Keeping this in mind, you should choose the device with better aspect ratio and resolution.

6. Pinned Websites

On iPhones, if you have to use an app very often and do not want to waste a second of your precious time in finding that app on the second page of your mobile, you can pin it on the first page and create quick access for it.

However, on android phones, you can pin even a unique link of the app, links of websites, and any particular page of file on your home screen. Thus while traveling, you can pin the links to your favorite movies on the home screen

Then open the links one by one to watch the movie and enjoy your trip. Thus you will not have any tension finding the link to movies you want to watch; instead, you will enjoy your journey to the fullest.

7. Easy to Use

However, if you are a person who does not know much about mobiles but wants to watch movies and live streams, then the iPhone is best for you because it is easy to use. Just press the home button, and a lot of icons will appear in front of you.

You do not have many options; instead, it has a customized interface, and you get used to it very quickly. Lesser the opportunities lesser are the chances of confusion. When there are confusions, you delay in selecting things.

However, android phones are very wide as they have many functions and do not have any restrictions. Android Mobiles give you a lot of suggestions, and you get confused. You may feel a bit difficult to get used to it so iPhones are the better option for you.

Final Verdict

Now you have the complete idea that you can’t declare one phone’s best for live streaming and watching online films because both of these have their own field of mastery.

iPhone provides ease in use, high brightness, more security, but if you want pinned website links, a large screen, and a wide range of peripheral attachments, then android phones are the better option

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