Anidees Releases an RGB VGA Cooler

Anidees has just released their RGB VGA cooler. This is not designed as a replacement to your current graphics card’s cooling, but an addition to supplement it. The idea is that you install it in the slot below your graphics card and it boost airflow to it. It takes up two expansion slots and you’ll need at least an open PCI-Express x4 slot to secure to cooler in.

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The cooler sports three 80 mm RGB fans which spin at speeds up to 1600 RPM, pushing 11.14 CFM of air, with a noise level of 19.3 dBA. You can control the speed of the fans and the lighting using the included RF remote. The fans can also be controlled via software if you connect them to your motherboard, the cooler uses a single 4-pin fan header. You can also control the lighting by a standard 3-pin addressable RGB header. No word on pricing.

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