Anonymous ways of viewing Instagram profiles and instagram stories without account and registration

This article aims to draw your attention to the various media that can be used to view Instagram stories without the consent of the relevant parties and to use the relevant stories. Instagram Stories allows Instagram account holders to increase the number of users on their account by giving other users the opportunity to view and share their photos and videos. As a result, many parties post Instagram stories on their Instagram account as a way to grow their users. You can add stickers, time stamps and doodles to the story in Instagram stories, and apply some filters and effects.

However, not all of these Instagram stories are open to the general public, and if the account holder’s account is public, you will be able to view the relevant Instagram stories publicly. Many of us like to watch other people’s Instagram conversations and we can follow different strategies for this. In this article, I hope to give you a nice explanation on how to view Instagram stories without the consent of the relevant parties. You can also get a good explanation of how to view Instagram stories without the permission of the relevant Instagram account holders by using the insider website. This site gives you a detailed overview on how to view Instagram stories without the consent of the relevant parties and what are the various steps that can be taken to do so.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously without knowing them

While many Instagram users prefer to view Instagram stories, some users also use a variety of tactics to view Instagram stories related to personal accounts. Instagram stories can be pointed out as one of the main strategies to gain new followers that will help in the growth of Instagram. Users do not always want to be so visible when viewing Instagram stories. As a result, many users view Instagram stories by opening the Airplane mode feature on their Android phones, while others view Instagram stories by opening fake Instagram accounts.

Use a fake account

Sometimes this is the best solution you can use to view Instagram stories. Here, if you already have an account, you can link your account with the relevant account, and the trick here is to not let the relevant account holder know about the interchange between the relevant accounts whenever you want to see the Instagram stories in someone’s account.

Airplane mode

You can also view Instagram stories anonymously by using this method. Here you need to open the planes in your mobile phone. In this trick you can activate the relevant information through the account profile in the Instagram app. This way you can view the Instagram accounts of the relevant account holders anonymously even if your mobile phone does not have internet connection.

Now you can watch instagram stories on pc with Instagram viewer

You can also easily use this tool with the simple features of Instagram chat and download. users will be able to instantly access any Instagram account with a username. This device will allow them to view and download high quality photos and videos from the relevant account without the attention of the relevant Instagram account holder.

Features of

  • Be able to view stories anonymously on any public Instagram account
  • Download stories, videos, or photos from any Instagram account to your computer, iPhone, or Android phone
  • Watch and download IGTV and live stream on any Instagram account
  • You do not need to have an Instagram account or log in for this task.
  • watch does not misuse or store users’ data


How to watch Instagram stories, videos, photos, and IGTV with InstaStories

  • Copy the link or name of the Instagram account you want to view – Ex: OLIVIA, @ OLIVIA or
  • Paste the relevant name into the search box on
  • You will then be automatically taken to
  • To download a story from the relevant account, first open the relevant post. Then select the language of your choice at the top and when you click the download button, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer and the relevant information downloaded by the phone will be displayed in the iPhone or Android gallery or download folder.

Instagram Story viewer StoriesIG – One of the best Instagram Story viewer

Has given its users the opportunity to share unique moments related to Instagram stories with different parties. Stories IG was developed by Stories IG for users to copy and save an Instagram story or to highlight it completely anonymously. This device allows you to view, download and save Instagram stories completely anonymously to your device as you wish. Stories IG consists of the following main components.

Innovations in Stories IG

  1. Ability to view stories anonymously on Instagram accounts
  2. Use Instagram Story Protection from any device
  3. Securely store all your downloads in your photo or video gallery
  4. Ability to share relevant content through various social media.

How to Access an Instagram Account Using Stories IG?

Open Instagram from any browser

Obtain the username that contains the story

Paste your username into the Instagram Highlights and Stories Downloader input field.

Now click on the Get Stories button

Save prepared stories on the device or view them anonymously

How to download stories, photos and videos from Instagram profile in incognito mode

Instagram is one of the most successful social networking sites for posting photos, Instagram stories and videos of different users on a daily basis. But most of the parties regularly check his account without the permission of the relevant Instagram account holder. For example, if a resource person has removed you from his Instagram account, I would like to tell you how to view his or her new connection without the knowledge of the relevant account holder, as well as how to download various photos and videos related to that account. Different parties use different software as well as different programs for this purpose. I suggest you to do this task easily by downloading InstaSaver to your computer or phone.

Watch instagram stories secretly with InstaSaver

We have various options to download photos, videos, IG TV episodes from any Instagram account. Out of these options, I think InstaSaver is the best option. InstaSaver allows you to download relevant photos, videos, IGTV just like the Instagram account holder uploads.  A special feature of InstaSaver is that the downloaded images or videos are in HD quality.

Special features

  • No need to register to use the website
  • No need to pay for the required downloads

Being able to make the downloads we want faster compared to other Instagram download sites.

How to download photos, videos, IGTV your desktop through the InstaSaver

You do not need to download the relevant software to download photos and videos from Instagram, you can use any browser to perform this download function. Follow the steps below to perform this download.

  • Find and open the Instagram web page in the relevant browser
  • Copy the URL on the Instagram post link
  • Click the Download button
  • Save the downloaded photos and videos to your desired location

Conclusion, InstaStories and InstaSaver are some of the best tools you can use to access the stories, videos and posts in your Instagram account without their consent. These tools are more efficient and higher quality than other software, allowing you to download the videos and images you need without the need for any registration or a charge. We also make sure that accessing and downloading relevant information through various channels without the consent of the relevant account holder does not harm the privacy or information of the relevant Instagram account holders. In fact, if it is done for our entertainment, it will not harm the relevant account holders and their information.