Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Mobile Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
Having a mobile product line makes sense for Antec and pretty much anyone in the tech space. Mobile products are getting more and more popular and many people are choosing tablets over PCs these days. The Pulse fits perfectly into the mobile category and Antec has designed it this way.

The first thing that caught my eye when I took the Pulse out of the packaging was how sleek it looked. The glossy plastic and vibrant color just looks awesome. I actually had a couple of people ask me where I got my headphones when I was wearing them at a local coffee shop. Without a doubt these are some great looking headphones.

Of course looks are not everything, the Pulse delivers when it comes to audio quality as well. The 40 mm drivers are pretty impressive, especially for headphones that are designed for mobile use. The sound is crisp and clear and the Pulse does produce a very full sound across the whole spectrum. Now I can’t say these are the best headphones that I have used, but for mobile headphones they are pretty good. While the microphone is actually located on the side of the headset it is still very functional and I had no issues making phone and Skype calls.

Getting the Pulse setup and paired with your device is extremely easy and you should be good to go in no time at all. The controls on the headset work very well and it is great to have them as you don’t have to go into your pocket to adjust the volume or charge a song. The controls even allow you to use voice commands using the headset (if you device supports it). The only gripe I have with the controls is that the buttons are very small and it is quite easy to hit the wrong button.

Being a wireless headset the Pulse does have a rechargeable battery. In our testing we were able to get about 9 hours of use out of the Pulse. That is more than enough for any flight in the US. If the battery happens to run out you can use the included audio cable, which is nice as many wireless headsets do not offer this feature.

Since the Pulse is made for mobile use it is designed so that it can be folded up to fit in the included carry case. This makes it easy to throw in your laptop bag or backpack.

Right now the Pulse headphones are selling for $149.95, which definitely does not make them the cheapest bluetooth headphones out there, but not the most expensive at all. I think that with the audio and build quality as well as the included accessories that price is justified. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Antec AMP Pulse Wireless Headhphones a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Sleek design
– Good sound quality
– Able to take calls (includes microphone and controls)
– Long battery life
– Foldable and carrying case included

– Control buttons are very small

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