Antec Six Hundred V2 Case Review

Final Thoughts
With the Six Hundred V2 case Antec has made some improvements on the original case.  Many users will appreciate the CPU cutout that will enable you to install aftermarket CPU coolers without having to remove your motherboard.  The 2.5-inch hot-swappable bay is a nice addition but not as many users will use it.  The window on the top panel is just there for looks and you really do not even notice it when you first look at the case.  The “cable management compartment” really is just an opening behind the hard drive cage.  It does make cable management easier, but is not going to solve all of your cable management issues with this case.

I still feel Antec could have done more with this case.  One of the biggest things I did not like about this case was that I was unable to route cables around the back of the case and hide them back there.  The extra space beside the hard drive cage does give you some room, but it really does not hide cables all that well.  Also because the hard drives go in front-to-back you are going to have clearance issues with longer video cards.  Finally whats up with the plain steel interior?  There has not been many cases we’ve reviewed in the past year that still have a plain steel interior.

Antec tells us this is to be a budget case.  It sells for $89.95 at my favorite online retailer, that really puts it out of the $50-$70 budget case price range.  Also many budget cases do offer more features than this case.  Although you do have to keep in mind this is an Antec case, so the quality is going to be there.  With all that said ThinkComputers gives the Antec Six Hundred V2 Case a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small

– Some updated features
– 2.5-inch drive compatible
– Adequate cooling

– No real cable management features
– You will have clearance issues with larger video cards and installed hard drives
– Plain steel interior

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