AORUS X299 Gaming 9 Motherboard Review

When it comes to overclocking on X299 with the Core i9-7900X things are pretty easy, but you are going to want to make sure you have a few things set so you have all 10 cores running at your set overclock. We did all of our overclocking in the BIOS. First we set our load line calibration to Turbo, and VIN to 1.75V (it is at 1,76V by default). Then we set our Vcore to 1.2V and see what type of overclock we can achieve by upping our multiplier. We test each setting with AIDA64’s Stability Test to see if we are reaching a thermal wall and the CPU is throttling. For this board our max overclock was 4.6 GHz.


As you can see in our stability test we have absolutely no CPU throttling. This gives us a 100% stable overclock.

oc2 1

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