Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Aqua Computer Announces Kryographics Hawaii for R9 290X Graphics Cards

Aqua Computer has just announced their latest full cover water block, the Kryographics Hawaii, which is meant for AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics cards. The block we are referring to here is entirely going to be made in Germany and it has been revealed that this will be milled from 1kg high-purity electrolytic copper raw material, covering the GPU, the voltage regulators and also all the RAM chips. And for an outstanding performance by the cooling system, all the major and crucial areas have been covered with the flow path of the cooling liquid. This is quite a clever strategy since its supports the maximum cooling capacity.

Kryographics Hawaii

Every crucial part has been targeted and there has been a solution designed for each one in particular; the GPU is housed inside a micro structure with a 0.5mm grid and the 3D flow technique ensures that the voltage regulators stay in perfect condition. The 3D flow technique makes sure that efficient cooling system is in place for these regulators and they do this by the lateral flow path which transports water through the Plexiglas directly to this array.

Kryographics Hawaii

Thermal grease has been used for the Ram chips instead of the thermal pads and these are far more effective and allow the maximum usage of the cooling system. The contact surface is glossy and polished to perfection and similar to the base, the Plexiglas cover has also been milled from a solid block. The use of these casted Plexiglas in place of drilling threads on the inside of the cover has reduced or rather completely eliminated the chances of any cracks and creases.

Kryographics Hawaii

This is also easy to install and setup since the box contains all the preassembled distance pieces and screws can be tightened around these accordingly to ensure that the optimal level of pressure exists. The block is usable with the regular G1/4″ fittings and threads for both sides are offered from the connection terminal.

Source: Aqua Computer | News Archive

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