Arctic announces new Freezer 13 X Series CPU Coolers

Arctic is a familiar name in the PC cooling solutions business. Part of its success is owed to the popular Freezer 13 lineup of CPU coolers. Arctic today announced the successor to it, the Freezer 13 X Series. Read on!

The announcement came with a short YouTube video revealing the new design and features of the Freezer 13 X Series. Take a look:

The new design is smaller, quieter, consumes less power but improves on the cooling from the Freezer 13. Arctic claims a 10% performance gain. The 13 X Series comes with a 92 mm fan across the board and has a new heat pipe layout. There is apparently also a new motor design that adds to the efficiency. The Arctic Freezer 13 X Series CPU coolers will come with the MX-2 thermal paste pre-applied.

Arctic is offering four models in the Freezer13 X Series, with two each for AMD’s A4, and Intel. There is a base model for each platform and a CO (continuous operation) model that comes with double ball bearing.

Prices start at $22.99 and go up to $24.99. The Arctic Freezer 13 X Series of CPU coolers is up for sale on Amazon, and Arctic’s own website.

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Via TechPowerUp

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