Arctic Announces the Liquid Freezer 360 Liquid CPU Cooler

Arctic has just added a new product to their line of closed-loop all-in-one liquid CPU Coolers, with the flagship Liquid Freezer 360. Arctic introduced this series back in November of 2015 with the Liquid Freezer 120 and Liquid Freezer 240, which as you can guess by their names were 120 mm and 240 mm radiator coolers. The new Liquid Freezer 360 features a 360 mm radiator and on top of that it comes with six 120 mm fans enabling you do have a perfect push-pull setup.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 360 Liquid CPU Cooler

Each of the included six Arctic F12 fans use a 4-pin PWM input and have speeds between 500-1350 RPM pushing up to 74 CFM of air. Arctic says that the Liquid Freezer 360 is rated to handle thermal loads up to 300W. This makes it the perfect cooler for Intel’s HEDT processors and AMD’s AM3+ 220W processors. The radiator itself is 27 mm thick and the copper base of the block comes with pre-applied Arctic MX-4 thermal compound.

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