Are sports betting algorithms profitable?

Sports betting algorithms are essentially computer programs developed to search for potentially profitable betting opportunities within the sports market. The program analyzes and filters through masses of data from many past sporting events with the aim to seek patterns, which can quickly be interpreted and used to judge effectively the probability of certain outcomes coming in or not.

Two types of betting algorithms

There are two types of betting algorithms which are most commonly known within the betting community, these are value betting and betting arbitrage algorithms. The more well-known type of betting algorithm is a value betting algorithm. A value bet is any bet where the odds for a certain outcome seem favorable, based on the probability of that outcome occurring.

The second type of algorithm is betting arbitrage. This is when the program takes advantage of odds discrepancies within the bookmakers’ markets for many sporting events and outcomes. There is then typically a bet placed on the opposite of that outcome placed at a betting exchange, therefore profiting regardless of the outcome.

Do betting algorithms actually work?

Finding an algorithm program that actually works is much more difficult given the amount on offer and with some ineffective and some that simply do not work well or consistently.

Algorithms have complex mathematical formulas which are used to analyze vast amounts of data to conclude on a sporting outcome. Most successful betting algorithms are of course expensive and they still need a good deal of research and learning to maintain a good level of consistent profits.

However, these algorithms could not exist if they were unsuccessful and making money from these programs is not impossible. They can find potentially profitable value betting or betting arbitrage opportunities, users just need to be cautious and ensure they know how the software works fully and how to tweak or make adjustments depending on the sporting events or react to news that an algorithm might factor in when drawing its conclusion from the data.

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The downside to using betting algorithms

These algorithms can effectively machine learn, however with human analysis also on hand, the possibilities are endless. The computer programs cannot take into consideration certain factors that could affect an outcome. For example, to process such information like the starting team lineup, perhaps by using facial recognition software and interpreting that data quickly, could be one improvement crucial for the future of these betting algorithms moving forward in their development.

Another factor that can be difficult to compensate for is the shifts that happen in momentum during a sporting event. As yet, these tools find this sort of information difficult to interpret and such changes in momentum also can lead to a change of emotion and bets being placed based on this which the algorithms might misinterpret and this could affect the success rate and consistency overall.

For bettors using betting algorithms, the future of these is very much down to the continuing developments and advances made in software and technology. With computers able to process the data faster, improvements in A.I and machine learning technology, the future of betting with value or arbitrage algorithms will certainly become more profitable as long as you fully understand how the program works and stick to a solid betting strategy.