Are we safer online now than ever before?

As we know whenever online, it is important to be able to be as safe as possible.

Regardless of whether you are playing one of your favorite video games with friends and family, or you are browsing certain web pages, or enjoying a session of online shopping, we all know how vital it is to remain as vigilant as possible in ensuring that our safety is not compromised.

Of course, the internet has become a much safer place than it was once before, with several improvements having been made in a variety of different ways, however an argument could still be made regarding saying that there is still a lot more to do.

In this post, we will look at both sides and highlight where the improvements have been made and where some can still be made:

We are safer than before

As mentioned, there is no denying that we have certainly been made safer than ever before when we use the internet for all our favorite activities.

When visiting the vast majority of websites, many now implement technology such as SSL Certificates which helps to protect the individual that is browsing and using the site. This feature will encrypt data that is used, which will then make it harder for hackers and scammers to try to obtain and then steal.

Gamers have also been able to enjoy a range of security features including the use of SSL Certificates, as those who play casino games for real money at the best online platforms available will see that the site will have a security padlock, which means they will be able to continue to play knowing that their sensitive data is as secure as possible and that they are protected.

Additional security features have also been implemented for those who have accounts on the internet, as features including two-factor authentication, security questions and answers, as well as passwords and PINs have all been implemented. Many websites where an account is created will request that the password features certain characters to make things a little more secure and difficult for others to guess, whilst some web pages will implement captchas that need to be completed to protect against robots that may be potentially trying to steal data.

Where can security still be improved?

Whilst it sounds great that there are several security features that are available to use when online, there is no denying that these could also be improved in the future, especially as hackers continue to find ways to exploit current systems that are implemented.

Hackers and fraudsters will not typically give up until they get what they want and will sometimes find a way of breaking codes, which is why security developers must continue to work tirelessly to ensure they are unbreakable. Perhaps the use of face recognition or fingerprint technology could be implemented on a more-widespread basis in the future?


As we have highlighted in this article, there is no denying that we are safer online now more than ever before via the use of several security features, however it is also possible to suggest that more could still be done in the future.