ASRock A330ION nVidia MCP7A-ION Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Testing – Benchmarks
I did as much as I could think of as far as practical tests. For me, someone accustomed to some of the most powerful retail processors on the planet, yes, the Atom was rather slow. It took about seven minutes to extract a 320MB zip file. That is a big file, but still. I think it took longer to extract than it did to download.

Still keeping the fact that this is intended to be an HTPC board, I decided to hook it up to a HDTV and watch some DVDs. I was a little afraid of lag or skipping, something that occasionally happened when watching them in the past. I don’t have HD capability so I was just watching a normal DVD. Resolution was set at 1080i, 1820 x 1024. Everything worked fine, looked fine. Actually I was a little surprised when I got sound via the HDMI cable, but I guess the S/PDIF cable isn’t needed with the integrated graphics. I don’t have HD capabilities, so I didn’t get to try.

Next I ran my regular battery of benchmarks. As I really didn’t have anything to compare the A330ION to, I just left it at that.



sandra proc

sandra mult

sandra mem