ASRock Announces FM2 A10 OC Competition with HWBOT

ASRock has announced its FM2 A10 OC Competition by HWBOT, which is a website committed to the display of achievements in the field of overclocking. The competition will look into two benchmarks of the performances of CPU-Z and the 3DMark11 and the competing brands will try to score the highest numbers in those two fields for HWBOT. The competitors entering into this competition, which is expected to start from the 23rd of this month, will have the motherboards of ASRock FM2 or FM2+ series and the AMD A10 series APUs. The FM2+ series are equipped with the latest chipset from AMD; the A88X.

ASRock Announces FM2 A10 OC Competition with HWBOT

The ASRock FM2 A10 OC Competition is so far the world’s most attractive competition which is expected to attract all overclocking enthusiast from around the world and to top it all the event is being sponsored by AMD, PowerColor, Thermaltake, and ADATA.

Details of the prizes
Entries breaking the world records will be given $1000 in cash. Total worth of the prize is more than $10,000 and whoever gets to be the champion of each benchmark will be awarded with a prize worth $2,800.

The scores in the two departments of CPU-Z and 3DMark11 will be reviewed after every week and whosoever gets the highest scores by then will be announced the winner of that week. And the final champion will be the one with the highest score within this one month duration and will be awarded with a prize, the worth of which will be of $2,800.

Source: HWBOT | News Archive