ASRock Core 100HT Nettop Review

Our first test that we ran was Futuremark’s PCMark Vantage.  This is an overall system benchmark that tests all aspects of your system.  For comparison we tested the Core 100HT against ASRock’s earlier ION 330HT.  Here are the results.

As you can see the Core 100HT performed about twice as good as the ION 330HT.  Our next tests were taken solely on the Core 100HT.  We tested the processor, memory, and the hard drive.

Our final test is the HD video test.  We have been running this test on almost every new system we have tested.  For this test we used the Tron Legacy VFX Concept test trailer from Apple’s website.  QuickTime was used for playback.  We monitor CPU usage during each test.  Once again we compared our results to the ION 330HT.

ASRock Core 100HT Nettop ASRock Core 100HT Nettop

720p Video Playback
ASRock Core 100HT: 5-15% CPU Usage
ASRock ION330HT: 20-30% CPU Usage

1080p Video Playback
ASRock Core 100HT: 15-30% CPU Usage
ASRock ION330HT: 40-60% CPU Usage

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