ASRock Fatal1ty x79 Professional Intel 2011 Motherboard @ TechwareLabs

“With the release of Intels X79 chipset and new 2011 socket it was only a matter of time before we saw Motherboards aimed at the gamer. X79 brings Quad Channel memory architecture and PCI 3.0 supporting the RAM and Video Cards respectively. Finally we get to take a look at the infamous ASRock Fatal1ty Professional Motherboard with the new X79 Chipset. The new X79 chipset brings PCI3.0 and Quad Channel Ram onto the Intel market. PCI3.0 is aimed squarely at gamers because of its throughput for the latest high end GPUs and this board has 4x of them. Fatal1ty has always been aimed at the power-user and gamer and they have (seemingly) not disappointed at first glance. All of this leaves us excited to get our hands on the board. ASRock has given us this boiled down spec sheet which leave us drooling…”

thumbs final setup

Via TechwareLabs