ASRock P55 Extreme4 Motherboard Review

Testing – Gaming
I started off with using FarCry 2 which is a DX10 video game that has its own built in benchmark test. I choose the settings to be at high with 1920×1080 resolution while running the test “Ranch Medium”. I wasn’t too shocked to see the score when I ran the computer at stock settings. But when running it at overclocked settings it was pretty decent.


For the next gaming benchmark I ran the new Alien Vs Predator Game. While running there gaming benchmark I used these settings: Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Texture Quality: 2, Shadow Quality: 3, Anisotropic Filtering: 16, SSAO: ON, Vertical Sync: OFF, DX11 Tessellation: ON, DX11 Advanced Shadows: ON, DX11 MSAA Samples: 1. This game used the new Tessellation which is standard in Directx 11 graphics cards. Basically helps the overall look of 3D to bring our computer graphics to the next step closer to looking more realistic.