ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB Motherboard Review

The are a couple different ways you can overclock your system.  First is the easiest and you can do it within Windows.  Open the ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility and click on the Overclocking tab, here you can adjust the settings to overclock your system

ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB Motherboard

If you are a more seasoned overclocker you can go into the BIOS to do your overclocking.  A pleasant surprised when I went into the BIOS was the CPU EZ OC Settings.  For our processor, which is an i7-3820 there were 5 settings: 4.2GHz, 4.4GHz, 4.6GHz, 4.6GHz and 5GHz.  I went through each one and most of them booted just fine.  When I went to load the 4.8GHz setting the system did not boot so I went ahead and bumped up the CPU voltage.  Now it did boot, but I did notice my CPU was running extremely hot, almost 85C on idle!  So that meant stress testing was definitely out of the question.  I had never made it to 5GHz on my X79 system and just for fun I decided to see if I could get the system to boot at that speed.  After some voltage tweaks I was able to get the system to boot at 5GHz!  Now that is pretty impressive!  The system was running extremely hot though, 92C at idle!

ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB Motherboard ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB Motherboard

Also in the BIOS you can easily change the settings yourself to do your own overclock, which I’m sure most of you are used to doing.  I would have liked to see the EZ Overclocking Settings in the AXTU software as well, that would make it very easy for first time overclockers.

Since both 4.8GHz and 5GHz were extremely hot I settled on 4.6GHz for my max overclock, still not that bad at all!

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