HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station Review

If you are testing motherboards, video cards or power supplies it is extremely annoying to keep on installing and removing them in cases.  That is why test benches and hardware workbenches were created.  Today we are taking a look at one such product from HighSpeed PC.  It is their Top Deck Tech Station.  This computer workbench supports mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX, and XL-ATX motherboards, has 4-Way SLI support with 10 expansion slots, and even has support for 2.5-inch hard drives!  Of course it easily allows you to change out components and gives you full access to your motherboard and video cards.  Read on to see if this is the perfect test bench for us!

Special thanks to HighSpeed PC for providing us with the Top Deck Tech Station to review.

What’s new:
–  XL-ATX version fits mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX, and XL-ATX  (HPTX boards also fit with just a few inches overhang in the back and removal of vid card fans.)
– 4-Way SLI Support with 10 expansion slots!  Perfect for your EVGA X58 4 way SLI Classified motherboard
– 3x 120mm Fans!  Two dedicated fans for video card cooling
– 2.5″ SSD and 3.5″ Hard Drive Support! Choose between 3.5″ or 2.5″ HDD during assembly.  Swap anytime!

The Tech Station Includes:
– Two tier work bench
– Add-In Card support brace with thumb screws
– HDD Rails for storage/cooling for two 3.5″ or three 2.5″ hard drives
– Secure rubberized motherboard standoff system
– 3x 120mm fans: 1x HDD/motherboard cooling, 2x vid card cooling
– Neoprene mat for non-slip lower bench surface.
– Assembly & usage details
– ATX Control Kit:
Mini on/off & reset switches
Power & HDD LED’s
System speaker

The Top Deck Tech Station comes in a pretty plain box and does not come assembled.  The front of the box does list everything that the Deck Tech Station comes with and some of the features.  Getting the box open everything is nicely packaged and you have all of the components plus instructions.

HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station

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