ASUS clarifies Ryzen 5000 series CPU motherboard support, confirms it will follow AMD’s promises

AMD recently released its latest generation of Ryzen CPUs. The Ryzen 5000 series of chipsets promise incredible performance and backward compatibility with a host of older motherboards. ASUS had some conflicting information coming out about this. They have now clarified the situation.

An ASUS support employee had said that consumers would have to buy a 500-series motherboard for support. While AMD has promised support for 400-series motherboards coming later, ASUS seemed to be in conflict with this. The company has now released the statement:

“ASUS is to follow AMD’s decision: beta BIOS support for 400-series motherboards will be ready starting in Jan/2021, all ASUS X470, B450 & B450 II motherboards available on the market will be compatible via a BIOS update. When or if AMD sends us the required Agesa update, ASUS will follow AMD’s support plan to release the new BIOS.”

Well, ASUS’ AMD 400-series motherboard owners can rest easy. The update for the series should arrive more or less around AMD’s timeline.

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Via Guru3D

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