ASUS Creates New CPU Installation Tool For Z170 Motherboards

Reviewing motherboards here at ThinkComputers one of the most vital things is being extremely careful when installing the CPU. Bending the pins on an Intel socket is easily achieved and is one of the top reasons many motherboards fail or have to be RMA’d. Because of this ASUS has come up with a new CPU Instllation Tool.


This new system works by sliding the CPU into a bracket bottom side up and then closing the bracket with a second piece. Once you have the CPU in the bracket you flip it over and place the CPU into the CPU socket on your motherboard. With this new bracket it is only possible to install the CPU the way it is supposed to fit in the socket, this should help reduce the number of people who accidentally get bent pins by installing the CPU the incorrect way.

This new CPU mounting system will launch with the companies upcoming Z170 motherboard offerings, which we expect to launch very soon. It is expected this new feature will make its way to all of ASUS’s new Intel-based motherboards.

Source: ASUS Hong Kong (Facebook) | News Archive

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