ASUS GeForce Titan: Same Clocks as GTX 690, 512-Bit Interface

NVIDIA has everyone wondering about the GeForce Titan. This is supposed to be the “Super Card” coming out from NVIDIA and there has been speculation as to how fast it will be, how much memory etc. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the Titan would have a core clock of only 723MHz, but it seems that could be wrong. An Australian online shop has an ASUS model listed that has a 915MHz base clock, 1019 MHz boost clock and 6008 MHz effective memory clock.

titan listing

It is also worth mentioning that the listing also notes a 512-bit memory interface as opposed to 384-bit that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. This could explain the expected performance of the card. This listing also says the card will feature two DVI ports and one mini-DisplayPort. Price is listed at AUD 1599 ($1644 USD).

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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