ASUS Introduces F2A85 Series Motherboards for Trinity APU’s

ASUS is to proud to announce its F2A85 series motherboards based on the new AMD A85X chipset and FM2 socket, designed and optimized for AMD’s second generation Accelerated Processing Units (APU). The next generation APU offers superb performance and delivers users an upgraded gaming and multimedia experience. Embedded in the APU is an AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series GPU that delivers new levels of integrated graphics performance. In addition, efficient performance per watt and robust display connectivity powered by AMD Eyefinity technology rounds out a great integrated graphics experience. Users also have the option to add a discrete graphics card to enable Dual Graphics as well as leverage the flexible graphics performance enhancements of Lucid Virtu MVP.

ASUS F2A85 Series motherboards continue the tradition of leadership in key areas such as reliability, stability, performance, overclocking and exclusive useful features. In addition ASUS F2A85 series motherboards feature multiple award winning features such as a digital design for power delivery and control ( DIGI+ VRM ), enhanced USB 3.0 performance via USB 3.0 Boost, extensive tweaking and control in the UEFI / BIOS, as well as advanced fan control functionality in Fan Xpert . In addition to the ASUS exclusive features is an overall superior design built with high quality components. Examples include a more efficient and silent heat-pipe cooling design that ensures continuous and efficient heat dissipation, improving stability and extending overclocking, along with Super Alloy Chokes that give the motherboard both high current capability and low heat generation. All this and more make the F2A85 Series motherboards the perfect platform for everything from HTPCs to mainstream PCs to even gaming PCs.


Exclusive DIY user friendly features: Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with New DIGI+ Power Control and GPU Boost
ASUS exclusive DIGI+ VRM and AISuite II provide users with an outstanding power delivery and control implementation. This evolution of innovative, industry leading ASUS technology provides best-in-class control for better efficiency, stability and performance. This combination in tandem with a carefully tuned and optimized UEFI allow for impressive overclocking functionality. Additionally, ASUS engineers have tuned F2A85 Series motherboards for impressive DRAM compatibility and overclocking which can extend the performance of the Trinity APU to even higher levels. Whether it be a focus on efficiency and power conservation or better than stock performance, easy access to EPU and TPU switches as well as the new Smart Digi+ Key allow users of all types to reap benefits from DIP 3.

Cutting-edge USB Technologies
Only ASUS brings a numerous set of innovative and exclusive USB oriented technologies to the A85X chipset. Some of these features are USB 3 Boost a hardware and software combination offering UASP support as well enhanced levels of USB storage performance. AiCharger+ and USB Charger+ deliver enhanced charging functionality for all of today’s digital devices ( tablets, cellphones, smartphones, eReaders and more ) even while the system is in sleep, hibernation or powered off. USB BIOS Flashback offers the easiest way to update the motherboards UEFI / BIOS without the need for a CPU, Memory or Graphics card; all the user needs to do is copy the ROM to their USB flash drive, connect it to the designated USB port and simply press a button.

New Levels of Control and Seamless Network Control and Functionality
APUs are designed to deliver a better home entertainment experience. To extend the usability of this rich platform and the multimedia-driven APU, ASUS has implemented two network technologies: Remote GO! And Network iControl.

Remote GO! is a unique network-centric controller and server. It goes beyond basic networking functionality by linking PCs, tablets, smartphones and TVs wirelessly or wired through an existing LAN cable and router setup. Remote GO! allows users to stream multimedia content from PC to DLNA devices, access their computer anywhere using their mobile device at home and easily transfer files between connected computers and mobile devices. Lastly, it creates a seamless multimedia environment for a futuristic connected lifestyle with three useful functions: DLNA Media Hub, Remote Desktop and File Transfer.

Network iControl offers application service optimization to ensure quality of service and improve the overall performance of any network application service running on the PC. This functionality allows users to quickly and easily define which applications should be prioritized for bandwidth.

Windows 8 Ready
All ASUS F2A series motherboards feature UEFIs that ensure compatibility, interoperability and great performance under Windows 8.

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