ASUS Shows off their HyperXpress SSD

ASUS has shown off their first solid state drive. This drive has been co-developed with the HyperX team over at Kingston. A brand that we of course know for some of the best memory and storage solutions. The HyperXpress Solid State Drive makes use of the new SATA Express interface that you will see on Intel’s new Z97 motherboards.

ASUS HyperXpress SSD

The drive comes in the typical 2.5-inch form factor that we are used to seeing for solid state drives. Opening the drive up inside we see something a little different. There are two Kingston mSATA 6GB/s solid state drives. These are set in a RAID 0 array and are wired to a host controller from ASMedia. Despite having two drives inside the drive will act like a single drive.

ASUS HyperXpress SSD

The diagram below shows expected speeds of the drive, which are very impressive. While this is just a concept prototype right now ASUS plans to have an enclosures that support mSATA, M.2 and 2.5-inch SATA drives as well.


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Source: Legit Reviews | News Archive

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