ASUS teases its new ROG mechanical keyboard switches

Mechanical keyboards are a hot commodity now, and everybody loves good switches. ASUS is now working to bring us some gaming mechanical keyboard switches, and they have just teased these upcoming switches.

ASUS, especially with its high-performance gaming brand ROG, is known for its high-quality gaming gear that are among some of the best selling in the industry. It has now teased its upcoming mechanical keyboard switches that will power the next generation of ROG branded gaming keyboards. Take a look:

ASUS ROG Mechanical switch 2

ASUS will be holding an event on September 1 to reveal these switches. Custom switches can have their fair share of advantages over the regular Cherry MX switches. It will be interesting to see what ASUS does with these ROG switches, and how the users like them.

Are you excited about these new mechanical switches from ASUS ROG? Let us know in the comments, down below!

Via TechPowerUp

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