ASUS Transformer Book V Detailed

We have always known ASUS for coming out with some pretty unusual products and the Transformer Book V is just that. It is a 5-in-1 device that can be used as a Windows laptop, Windows tablet, Android phone, Android tablet or Android laptop! ASUS wants you to use one device for all of your needs.

ASUS Transformer Book V

The Transformer Book V is made up of three parts: a 12.5-inch tablet, a 5-inch smartphone that docks into the tablet, and a keyboard that also docks into the tablet. The tablet makes use of a next-generation Intel Core processor (which we are guessing is a low-powered Broadwell chip) and has up to 1 TB of storage space. The panel is an IPS panel, but no specific resolution details were given.

ASUS Transformer Book V

The smartphone part of the device is a 5-inch LTE Intel Atom quad core powered phone that is running Android Kitkat 4.4 and has a 2500mAh battery. We know that the tablet part of the device has 128 GB storage so we are guessing the secondary drive is in the keyboard dock. There is a small button that will allow the device to switch between Android and Windows operating systems.

ASUS Transformer Book V

If this device is based on Broadwell then expect it to launch on Intel’s timeline.


Source: Anandtech | News Archive

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