ASUS Unveils GearUP Console Booster Bundle for Selected Routers in APAC

ASUS today announced that selected routers in designated countries in the APAC region will bundle a complementary trial subscription to GearUP Console Booster, a service that optimizes the network connection for more than 1,000 online games, reducing latency and improving overall gaming experiences for popular game consoles and smart handhelds. The ASUS RT-AX86U Pro and RT-AX82U routers will include a three-month subscription, while the TUF-AX6000 and TUF-AX4200 routers will include a two-month subscription. Existing owners of these routers can add support for GearUP Console Booster with a firmware update. The RT-AX86U Pro is available in the APAC region now, and the other routers in this promotion are currently scheduled to be available starting in July 2024.

Accelerate gaming with GearUP Console Booster
Through the in-house Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR) system, GearUP Console Booster quickly determines and activates the fastest connection to a game server. Adaptive QoS on a compatible ASUS router can prioritize this connection over others on the network to ensure that it remains fast and stable. The ASUS Router mobile app and web interface includes an intuitive setup wizard to get GearUP Console Booster running.

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With more than 5 million monthly active users who get access to a global network of 75,000 server nodes, GearUP Console Booster is the only service of its kind that supports PCs, consoles and popular smart handhelds.

Top-notch gaming performance with ASUS routers
ASUS routers elevate gaming and internet experiences with cutting-edge WiFi technology, uncompromising hardware and comprehensive network features tailored for all gamers and their everyday life. ASUS AiMesh technology creates a powerful extendable network, ensuring hassle-free seamless roaming experiences around the home, ideal for mobile gaming. The network also provides extendable AiProtection Pro security with no monthly subscription, guarding against security threats. For gaming enthusiasts, router features like Mobile Game mode reduce lag, and a dedicated gaming port offers prioritized, stable connections – all manageable via the highly-rated ASUS Router app. Plus, with Adaptive QoS prioritizing gaming traffic, the network is fine-tuned to keep users in the game without interruption.


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