ASUS Xonar DX2 Sound Card Review

Final Thoughts
While testing the ASUS Xonar D2X I was shocked to see the improvement over many different aspects of the sound quality from music to games. With the average FPS boost of 10-12 FPS in action packed games, which surprised me the most. With this FPS improvement, it made the game smoother and allowed better sound quality also. The sound while playing games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 allowed me to hear better directionally along with better sound effects and smoother game play. Which makes the game that much more impressive. Say goodbye to lag due to sound, when you have a ton of grenades and rockets going off at all different areas of the map while you’re flying in your helicopter. Now watching movies I think impressed me a lot more than I think it should have, but being able to hear things I wasn’t able to hear over the onboard or even movie theaters, like in Avatar in the final battle scene the sound was just smooth and crisp and was able to pick up many other different sounds never heard before and then with 2012 all I have to say is wow, watching that with the Xonar D2X and Surround Sound. While jamming out to some music you will be able to hear things you were never able to pick up before while getting a crisper sound. With this sound card you will be able to put it into your Gaming machine, Music Editing machine, And Home Theatre machine. Over all the ASUS Xonar D2X is a great buy and best bang for the buck with all the software they provided along with all the cables. Which would have ran around another $75 to get.

Right now you can find this card online for around $170, which is what you would expect to pay for a sound card like this.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS Xonar D2X Soundcard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– All the Cable’s you need are in the box and plus some.
– Great Software Combo.
– Improved FPS in games.
– Great Sound Quality watching movies and listening to music.
– Ton’s of settings and Configs to adjust it to how you want use the card.

– No front panel Audio hookups
– Doesn’t have Windows 7 drivers out of box