Saturday, August 18, 2018

Daniel Werbin


Gaming Friday: Minecraft

We here at ThinkComputers are very avid gamers. So each Friday we will be covering a game that should help you get through the weekend. The games will range from new games to classics that we still love to play. They also are not limited to just PC games either. If you have a game you think we should cover check out the <a href="">Gaming Friday thread</a> in the forums. Today we will be telling you about one of the more addictive games released this century.  It’s called <a href="" target="new">Minecraft</a>, a game made by indie developer Mojang AB.  It is a very unique game in that you can alter the terrain as you see fit, and it never ends.  Literally, it randomly generates the terrain in every direction infinitely.  You will never run out of level space.  You can edit the terrain to your very whim.  There are natural cave systems, beautiful landscapes, and monsters that come out at night to kill you, as well as much more that can’t possibly fit in one internet page.  Interested?

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