Automated Gun Turret Can Identify and Shoot On Its Own

Artificial Intelligence has been a pretty popular target for a long while now. And it looks like the discussion is going to get even more interesting with the development of a gun turret that has the ability to identify, track, and shoot targets without the need for human interaction.


This gun turret has been developed by an arms manufacturer in the city of Daejeon, South Korea. The turret packs 50 calibre bullets and has a range of over 2 miles! And it does look pretty scary! The turret is already being outfitted in many different locations in the Middle East, including three airbases in the United Arab Emirates (Al Dhafra, Al Safran and Al Minad).

This brings us to the question of how this turret is programmed to decided who or what to shoot and who not to, especially considering it can do this without human interaction. If t here is a crowd of people and only one is holding a gun will it know to shoot just the one or everyone? Will it shoot every time it senses danger? I guess only time will tell.

Source: eTeknix via BBC | News Archive

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