AZIO Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard Review

When you power on the keyboard the LEDs in the switches will light up white. It think white goes very well with the black and copper design. There are actually 10 different brightness levels which you can adjust on the keyboard itself. There are also a few different modes, you have a breathing mode, trigger (keys illuminate after you press them and slowly dim), and you can completely turn the LEDs off.

AZIO Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard

AZIO Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard

Since the Retro Classic is unlike most keyboards out there it is going to take you a little while to get used to. Circular keys and even how the keys are angled is not normal so I would say it would take you anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day to get used to using the keyboard.

I do feel that AZIO picked the perfect type of switch for this keyboard in the Kailh Blue mechanical switch. Blue switches have a nice tactile feedback plus they are clicky. This really gives you that “typewriter” feel. I really enjoy blue switches because they are the perfect in-between of a gamers and typist switch. I do my fair amount of gaming, but also quite a lot of writing (typing) so blue’s work best for me.

This is one very unique keyboard, just look at it. We published a video of it on our Instagram story the other day and we received multiple messages asking what keyboard it was. If you have this keyboard sitting at your desk, in your office, or even at a LAN party it is going to grab the attention of people walking by. The upgrades from the original version like the zinc alloy frame, genuine leather surface, mechanical key switches, and backlighting having taken this keyboard to the next level! It is really like you have a piece of art sitting on your desk.

I would say the only real drawback to this keyboard is that there is no software. So you cannot reprogram the keys, set up macros, or anything like that. We can’t fault AZIO that much for not including software as this is not really marketed as a gaming keyboard.

AZIO is doing things a little different with this keyboard. They are running an Indiegogo campaign, which has already exceeded their $10,000 goal by 690%! Currently they have the Early Adopters perk available for a $120 investment, which gets you the USB version of the keyboard. If you wanted the Bluetooth version it is $140. Considering how unique of a product this is those prices are just fine for me. Overall ThinkComputers gives the AZIO Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Three unique styles to choose from
– No other keyboard like it out there
– Made with quality materials
– Mechanical switches & backlit

– No software

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