AZZA Taurus 5000 Case Review

Getting your hardware installed in the Taurus 5000 should be pretty straight-forward. The first thing we will be installing in our motherboard. It easily goes in and we have quite a lot of room inside to work with. With my ATX motherboard installed I can tell you there is definitely not room inside for a motherboard larger than that.


The hard drives are next. I will be installing two 2.5-inch solid state drives. They are easily secured to the removable trays with screws. You not only can remove the trays from the case, but also the top drive cage. I decided to completely remove it from the case as I have no use for it. When I put the trays back in the case I did realize that the end of each tray sits right under the SATA power and data connections. This means that you won’t be able use the 90-degree angle SATA connectors or larger SATA power connectors.

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Your power supply should go in quite easily as it just slides right into its place. You secure it with screws and start to run all of your cables. The backside of the case has the three large Velcro straps as well as multiple tie-down points for zip-ties. This makes organizing your cables a breeze and ensures that you won’t have any issues putting the back side panel back on the case.

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The last thing to install is our graphics card. As I said I remove the top hard drive cage, so I will not have any clearance issues with my graphics card. Even with the hard drive cage installed I wouldn’t have any issues. With all of our hardware installed and everything connected it is time to turn the system on!


When you power your system on the white LEDs on the top and front fans will light up. They look pretty good and if you are like me and removed the middle hard drive cage the fans will definitely light up the inside of your case.

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By default the RGB LEDs on the side panel are not turned on. To turn them on just press the button on the top of the case, this button will also cycle through the different colors as well. Oddly enough once the LEDs are on you cannot turn them off unless you power down your system. You can cycle through white, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and purple colors. There is also a breathing a pulse mode, both of which will continually switch colors as they go through their actions.

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