AZZA Taurus 5000 Case Review

AZZA has released some of the more interesting cases in the past few years. They are one of the few companies left that create full tower cases on the regular. Today we will be taking a look at one of their latest cases, the Taurus 5000. The full tower case has a stylish design, room inside for 8 hard drives with a removable hard drive cage, 5 included fans, RGB lighting on the side panel window, and can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. Is this the next case for your over the top build? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to AZZA for providing us with the Taurus 5000 case to review.

The Taurus 5000 comes in a big retail box from AZZA. The box shows off both black and white versions of the case. The back of the case is exactly the same as the front actually. The side of the case has a full list of specifications.

AZZA Taurus 5000 AZZA Taurus 5000

Opening the box up the case inside is protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam and a plastic bag. The windowed side panel, front, and top of the case is also protected with plastic film to prevent scratches. Inside the case you will find installation instructions as well as your box of goodies. The box of goodies includes mounting hardware, an 8-pin EPS connector extender, cable ties, and two Velcro ties.

AZZA Taurus 5000 27