Basic skills one needs to make some good money with freelancing

How to Start Freelancing

Most people believe that freelancing can hardly be called a ‘real’ job. Staying at home and working whenever one wants seems childish and unworthy. However, there is certain percentage of people who manage to earn some really good money without leaving their houses.

They obtain either rare skills or just are professionals in what they do. Another common feature is self-discipline. They never miss the deadlines, do their job the best possible way and their clients are always satisfied with the projects.


To become well-paid, job-seekers should extend their borders cooperating with companies abroad, which is not possible without knowing foreign languages. Clients are looking for people capable of communicating with them.

Choosing a language          

How to choose the right language? First of all, think of the area you would like to cooperate with. If you are interested in Asian countries – a choice will be between Chinese, Japanese or Korean. If you aim for European countries – it is better to study German or French. Spanish is also one of the most popular languages in the world.

If you have no certain choice – linguists recommend learning languages that are similar to our mother ones. The whole process will go faster and easier as we have common features in our perception of the language.

Every next language we want to learn will seem easier after mastering the first one. Polyglots assure that all languages have some words and other features that are in common for a few of them.

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: ”The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” Do not limit yourself within the boundaries of one single country – explore the world, learn foreign languages.

Choosing a tutor

The best way to study any language is diving into the life of its native speakers. Living in a country where everyone speaks it will make anyone understand the words in about a week.

However, only a few of us can afford leaving all behind and going abroad for at least several months. There are alternative ways of becoming a polyglot and staying at home.


One of them is applying for learning languages with It is a great platform which offers lessons from experienced teachers online. Anyone can learn French, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Ukrainian and English by skype with Preply.

Their base includes over 40,000 teachers and tutors whose services are charged starting from $5 per hour, which is quite affordable for anyone.

The website is well-designed and pretty handy. The base contains all the important information about each tutor and a quick message option, which allows contacting any of them before hiring.

To start studying one should fill in a request form and wait for an answer. Lessons are held in a convenient time. One should not even leave the room.

At the moment Preply helped 89,157 students find their tutors. It is not only a place for tourists, freelancers or business people. Preply helps students prepare for language tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and others. Users show off brilliant results after such preparations.


The website receives hundreds of letters from students who have succeeded or reached their aims. People keep recommending this service to relatives and friends:

”Thanks to my English class with my Preply tutor, now I feel more confident to speak English in a higher level of fluency. The platform is clear and easy to use, and I had a great support.” Rafael.

”Due to my job, I spend a lot of time on business trips, so I cannot attend language school or have local lessons. I tried Skype lessons with Art on Preply, and it turned out to be extremely comfortable. I can continue my lessons in any city without interrupting the learning process.” Alex M.

This is more than enough for calling one of the most reliable places for a quick distant language learning.

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