Beginner’s Guide to CS: GO

CS: GO bets and the hordes of CS: GO enthusiasts are enough to show you just how famous this game is. Not only is this game really entertaining and with a huge, nice community, but there are also lots of events where pro players are trying to get some money from the prize pool. This is also one great time for those into CS: GO betting.

But the game is more than just shooting, and if you’re new, you can be overwhelmed by the mechanics and the number of strategies you can use to beat the enemies. Are you a CS: GO beginner? Here are some things to get you started.

  1. Maps

When you are about to enter a CS: GO match, you will notice there is a wide list of maps, all looking different, some nicer and some not that appealing. Aside from that, some of them are easier, while others can really give you a major headache.

What you need to know is that you need to learn these maps. Of course, not all of them, because that would take too long. A few maps should be enough until you can expand your knowledge.

Each map has different hiding spots, positions, and good places for flashes, fires or smokes. Learn them all, and you will have an amazing experience in the game.

  1. Two Teams

Did you know that matches consist of two teams? Moreover, were you aware of what these teams are? One team acts as the terrorists, while the others are the counter-terrorists. You can choose which one you want to be at the beginning of the match, and each of them has a certain type of skills and responsibilities. Weapons can also be available depending on the team you pick. The main goals of the teams are to either free hostages or keep them or plant the bomb or defuse it.

  1. Different Weapons

There are lots of weapons to choose from, so many that you can spend hours thinking about which one would work best for you. Basically, every gun comes with its own characteristics, and they all have their own accuracy when it comes to shooting. Some guns are heavier and slow you down, but are more accurate for long-range, while others are powerful yet reload very slowly. Choose whichever is more comfortable for you, but also based on your role in the team.

Before you make CS: GO bets, you need to have an insight about the game, so you know which team is the more skilled one. Whether you want to become better yourself or just know who to bet on, we hope this guide was helpful.

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