Beginners Guide To Runescape

There are at least 260 million accounts created for RuneScape that have been established since 2001 and this continues to grow. That means there are quite a few players for this MMORPG already and plenty of room for you.  That makes it fairly intimidating for some newcomers but we have a way to make it less so. With the right type of guide, it is not necessary to be intimidated.

You will need to sign up before you can get started and Gielinor. That’s where you’ll be able to set up an account which will require that you create a display name and you will need to give your date of birth and a valid email address. You will then be able to log into the game and create your character. You can then use the tutorial which will help you understand the basics of Jagex’s MMO. You can even shop here for gold to get your started.

You may wonder what you will do after you finish the tutorial. RuneScape is a virtual world with plenty of things for you to do. If you enjoy combat you will find it there and if you enjoy puzzles you’ll find that too. Maybe you want to save NPCs that are in danger or you might just want to spend some time at the river fishing.

This guide will help you understand all of your choices. It will give you the perfect guide to get up and going with RuneScape. It won’t take much time at all to get going with Gielinor.

Get On The Path

After going through the tutorial you’ll find yourself in Gielinor and on the path. We recommend that you follow the path system which will take you through many of the features the game has. Some of these features include daily challenges and setting up a PIN for the bank. The process will also provide three different quests that you can complete. These will give you the chance to be introduced to the different modes such as range, magic, combat, and melee.

When you use the path system it will give you starter equipment and experience lamps that boost your combat skills. When you complete the route you will be able to freely explore and even pick a new path. Some of the paths available will allow you to explore the game world and others will teach you specific skills.

When you decide you’re ready to fully explore Gielinor then you will want to turn off the Path System. This can be accomplished by opening the adventure tab and then you will be able to select the option that you want and you will see how to switch off Path. When you do this you may find that you have some loss of progress on whatever tasks you’re currently on but you won’t lose any overall progress.

Go On An Adventure

When you choose to go on different paths that are not in the tutorials then you will find many adventures. One of the best ways to find them are quests. By looking at the quest list tab you will see the different adventures that are available. You can click on the skill experience and journal entries in equipment to get the details. This is where you will find where you need to start and how difficult to level is. You will also find the requirements and the items that are recommended along with the rewards available.

There are numerous quests that are available and free to play. If you like the idea of having a furry companion then you can go to West Varrock and speak with Gertrude. When you finish the quest you’ll be given the reward of a kitten and cooking experience. Another quest is found outside of the Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede which gives you a murder mystery to solve and you will investigate the death that occurred in the abbey.

RuneScape has a large selection of quests. They have more than 220 and some can take as long as one or two hours. Some are funny and others are smart. When you get the opportunity to activate the lodestones then you will get free transportation.

Building Your Character

It’s important to level up your skills to unlock new abilities, quests, and equipment. There are a total of 27 skills and of those 17 are freely available to players. As well, you can give a go at the member-only skills such as Divination but they will come with a level 5 cap. Otherwise, you would be able to go to level 99 and in some cases up to 120.

Some newcomers choose to train on one skill but we recommend they spread this out over several of the skills so that they are more well-rounded. Players will find it is pretty relaxed and you can decide how much you want to depend on the skills process. There aren’t any classes you’ll need to worry about and you’re able to give everything a try that you want to.

One skill that’s great to start with is fishing and this one also teaches you to cook so that you can prepare the fish you catch. You can then keep them four battles or sell them and you can eat them for your health. The Lumbridge Catacombs is great for beginners who want to participate in combat. To do that you’ll have to complete the Blood Pact before you’ll be giving access to it.

You’ll be able to collect the statues that are hidden around the tombs and then you’ll have the chance to sell them for profit. This also gives you the chance to level by selecting your chosen skill that you’ll find by clicking on the skill tab.

Combat Options

An update was released in 2012 which was Evolution Of Combat and it changed how you could fight. It gave you a range of weapons as well as adding in dual wielding and even some magical abilities. Some players still prefer the old way of combat which is Legacy Mode and you can choose that as well.

When you first establish your character the game will ask if you’ve ever played it before. If you say that you’ve never played then the game will default to the Legacy Mode but you may want to switch to Evolution Of Combat when you feel comfortable to do so. When you want to get brave and practice you can go over to Lumbridge Catacombs.

Join A Clan

One of the social opportunities in the game is to join a clan. Just go over to the forums and you’ll find some boards there that are dedicated to the different clans. You’ll find the opportunity to make a post about yourself and explain the type of clan you’re interested in. If you want to just search for one yourself then you’ll find the different boards that are available.

If you have a combat level that is under 100 there is a board and then there’s one for those who have a level over 100. There are clans specifically for being social and others that specialize. You can take all the time you need to find just the right clan and once you do you’ll easily be able to build friendships.

Anytime you find yourself stuck on a skill or quest you can go to the Wiki for RuneScape. It has a lot of knowledge that can help you. You might want to upgrade to a full member and you can try out the Twitch Prime bundle. This gives you lots of skills and quests. Enjoy the adventure.

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