Benchmarks of Unreleased AMD & NVIDIA Cards Leaked

Benchmarks have hit the web featuring AMD’s upcoming R9 390X, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti and an mysterious unconfirmed GTX 9xx card has also appeared in the benchmark listings! Here we can get a better idea of performance of the GTX Titan X, GTX 980 Ti, and AMD’s Radeon R9 390X. The unconfirmed GTX 9xx card we are guessing could be a GTX 960 Ti or GTX 965.


The first test is a combination of 19 different games being run at 4K resolution. The Titan X and R9 390X are very close here, but the GTX 980 Ti has some catching up to do.


Moving down to 2560 x 1600 resolution the results are about the same with the R9 390X beating out the Titan X. The unreleased GTX 9xx card also sits between the GTX 780 and R9 280X.


3DMark’s Fire Strike Extreme benchmark gets similar results.


Now looking at power consumption we can see the R9 390X actually consumes more power than the Titan X, even though it has the new HBM memory on it. It actually is quite close to the power consumption of the R9 290X.


So that is what we have so far for all of the new cards that should be arriving next month! Stay tuned!

Source: Chiphell via eTeknix | News Archive

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