Best Business Apps to Boost Employees’ Productivity

If you have ever worked as a manager or had your own company, you know how difficult it is sometimes to motivate people to do their jobs. You can’t just sack them. There are multiple reasons not to do this. It’s both bad for the person itself and for the company. You must find another way.

According to all research, retaining employees for a longer period is the most efficient and affordable solution every business owner has. If workers lag with their duties, you must raise their productivity levels. There are many ways to do this.

One of the ways is to use apps developed by people who understand the issue. They’ve already been in this situation, researched the problem, and provided solutions. Multiple apps are excellent for raising productivity, and in this article, we’re sharing some of them. Keep reading to see what app to download and use in your office to raise workers’ productivity.

1. Quidlo

Quidlo is one of the best time-tracking apps on the market. It lets employees sign in, type in what they are working on, and let the software track their progress. Aside from providing multiple fantastic pieces of information about what the particular employee has been doing throughout the day, it is excellent for keeping them focused and helping them finish their tasks easily.

This timesheet app will create a log of everything done in the past period letting managers and bosses have perfect insight into how things are going within the company.

2. Zoom

Probably the best meeting and video call software on the internet. Zoom gained tremendous popularity during the Covid-19 crisis when millions of people were sent home to work remotely.

Zoom allows calls through nearly all platforms. Workers can easily connect through their laptops, desktop computers, or smartphones and attend meetings. It is cloud-based and very easy to use. Most companies that use Zoom say they are very happy with this app.

3. Google Docs

Is there a need to introduce a Google product? Content creation was an exclusive right to Microsoft’s Word program for many years until Google decided to upgrade the game and created Docs.

A suite of features nearly identical to Microsoft’s is now available online. Since everyone is connected to the internet, employees can instantly access a writing app called Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms through the personalized Google Drive feature.

4. Slack

Slack is a communication app that allows everyone from the team to have access to everyone else in a matter of one click. Workers don’t need to pick up the phone or communicate through other social media or apps; the entire system is unified and seamless.

The company’s channel is available only for those inside the team, and various channels are created depending on the company’s needs.

5. Todoist

Todoist is a task management app that simplifies and organizes the working day. As the name suggests, users create to-do virtual stickers that will stay there until they are finished.

The app is both usable in the office and privately. It is excellent for creating a schedule outside working hours. If you let it, this app will control and improve your entire life since we’re often distracted and forget what essential issues are.

6. Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that connects various apps into one access point and simplifies the work. Additionally, it has AI integrated that will ease some of the work you need to do. The automation process applied to some of the tasks saves tremendous amounts of time and effort.

Although not applicable across all industries and companies, it is still an honorable mention. If your company can benefit from it, you should definitely download it and use it.


These few apps will significantly improve the work in the office. Employees will quickly and seamlessly solve tasks without wasting time on useless things. Downloading and using a free timesheet app daily or some of the other ideas will create a completely different atmosphere at the workplace.

Of course, apps won’t work by themselves. People need to make an effort, but if there’s motivation to do it, technology will make things easier for you. Go through the options, and download what seems to be the best.