Best Computer-to-Phone Tech of 2013

The functionality of smartphones would have been limited if it wasn’t for computer programs. There is plenty of software and applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems. Frequent developments have enhanced the features offered. Here’s a list of the best programs and software to connect with your smartphone in 2013:

1. Mobile Security software
Smartphones, especially android phones, are vulnerable to malwares and viruses. BullGuard Mobile security is an option. The software does a ‘real-time scan’ of every file that you install on the phone. The firewall feature lets you decide the type of data allowed to enter the device. There’s a spam filter included that allows you to block unwanted calls or messages.

The software lets you create an online account, which is a life saver if the device gets lost or stolen. You can lock the phone using the account or wipe of the data. The online account also includes a GPS function that helps to track down the phone, and for further assistance, the ‘Scream Locate’ feature can be enabled. If you don’t want the scans to take place on daily basis, they can be scheduled as well. Software like BullGuard can help you achieve a piece of mind when it comes to your smartphone.

2. RDP clients
There are remote desktop client apps for different platforms. Before using one, the computer has to be set up as a remote desktop server, which will activate the remote desktop protocol and allow your iOS, Windows or Android phone to connect. The firewall needs to be configured to make sure there is no blockage.

For android, there are clients like Wyse PocketCloud and Omnidesk. iOS users also have multiple options in the form of Splashtop remote, iTap RDP and Remote desktop Lite. If you have a Windows 8 smartphone, than RemoteDesktop app is available at the Windows phone store. New RDP clients are expected in 2013.

3. Sync software
The right sync software has the ability to handle multiple platforms and integrate data. However, there may be a data deluge problem when the software tries to handle large amounts of data from the smartphone. To counter this, leaders in the data deluge industry, such as Abhi Talwalkar of LSI Corporation, are making technological advancements which will allow such software to handle large amounts of data accurately without taking a toll on the device and the computer.

iOS users have the best syncing software in the form of iTunes. Nokia users have Nokia PC Suite. However, there are multiple syncing apps for the android platform. Some of the names include DataSync and Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi.

4. GPS software
2013 will see a rise in GPS smartphone computer programs and applications. They’ll be used for navigation and tracking purposes. New software is fully synchronized for web-based routing and sharing. Most of the computer software depends on an active internet connection, after which they seamlessly integrate with GPS enabled smartphones.

Advancements are being made in smartphone computer GPS technology. Some of the available software includes viewranger outdoor GPS and Garmin. In 2013, new software with enhanced functionality are expected.

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