Best Crypto Trading Platforms

Every single day inventions are taking place that brings forth a digital revolution. Each day, the number of tasks that we no longer need to do physically increases. Every day a new type of digital currency called crypto is launched. All of those currencies that have no physical basis are called cryptocurrencies. With each passing, the number of people that have started using crypto increases. Even many large companies nowadays trade in crypto. The value of crypto keeps increasing every day. If you wish to trade in crypto and are at a loss, you are in luck. There is no Golden Profit. There are unique crypto trading platforms available. Here we will give you some details about some of the great ones.


Crypto trading is the fastest and safe way of making crypto. Crypto trading is the same as regular stock trading. The only thing that sets the two apart is that you can only trade stocks of different types of cryptocurrencies in crypto trading. In the traditional stock market, you can buy stocks of any company or item that you wish to. Right now, some of the best platforms to partake in crypto trading are:

  • Robinhood
  • Bisq
  • com


Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt created Robin Hood in the early 2010s. It was based in the US. In its early life, it acted as a broker for the standard stock market in the US only. Later on, by 2018, it was being used globally. It became involved in crypto trading throughout the world. The reason for this impressive increase in popularity of this platform is said to be the fact that it takes no commission fee. Robinhood is the only trading platform out there that takes 0% commission on trades. This allows people to have significant profit margins on even making small trades. Robinhood is an old service and has had its fair share of hacker attacks, but none of them saw any success.


This crypto trading platform was founded in 2014 in Europe. Bisq is different from other crypto trading platforms in that it runs on a P2P network. Users run the Bisq program on their machines, and every single transaction is confirmed by all the machines using the service. This means that the entire system is highly decentralized. This decentralization means that Bisq is safe from hacking attacks due to every machine confirming all transactions. You will only lose your stocks if your device gets a hacking attack, so you should use antivirus. The best quality of Bisq is that it offers its users complete anonymity, so your privacy is safe. Bisq is also easy to use due to the use of innovative UI. is a secure platform for conducting crypto trading. is highly popular with millions of users. The main reason why lots of people use them is the high level of security provided by them. They also take many measures to ensure that no one scams you. also rewards its users for depositing crypto in accounts that you open with them. So trading on their platform will give you some extra earnings. will also provide you credit cards that you can easily top up with crypto making shopping easier for you.


Above, we have mentioned some of the best crypto trading platforms available to the general public. You can use any other that you want but using the above-mentioned ones will be best for you. However, You should initially only trade in small amounts. For small amounts, we suggest you use Robinhood as it has no transaction fee. So you will still make profits while you are learning crypto trading. As you become used to crypto trading, you should try to make larger trades and spend a bit more money on crypto. You can also try Coinbase if you are tech-savvy. Coinbase UI provides a tremendous amount of information in a good way. All this information can be overwhelming for new users, so they don’t use this. Experienced people can use this information well and make enormous amounts of profits. However, The transaction fees are a bit on the high side.