Best Mobile Apps for Creating Business Video

As the valuation of visual content continues to witness an upward rise with every passing day, more and more creators and organizations seem to be flocking to it to make the most of this seemingly limitless resource. It is no secret that audiences at large respond and engage far better with content in a visual form rather than a plain textual format. And while that allows more significant degrees of creativity to the present-day influencers and the performing arts industry in general, it has also started becoming a highly potent tool of business over time.

What is more heartening is the fact that individuals need not rely on high-end cameras and shooting equipment anymore to achieve satisfactory production value in their output. Thanks to the advent of smartphones, creating an interactive business video has now become a matter of a few swipes and taps. Mobile applications and websites like InVideo gives their users access to a bevy of features, using which they can create industry-grade and professional video content with significant ease.

Listed below are some of the best mobile apps with which individuals and corporates alike can create business videos that best suit their requirements.

Camera Plus:

Camera Plus is the best mobile application for creating business videos for all iOS users out there. It has a patent AirSnap feature, which lets its users connect two devices with iOS simultaneously. Doing so allows one to use one device as a remote control and the other as a means of operating the app. As a result, this setting works best for those situations where one has to capture a frame with multiple people in it. The most optimal use of Camera Plus is made when one of the devices being used is an iPad and the other, an iPhone. This way, while you set up your iPad on a tripod, you can use the iPhone to click your picture even when you’re several feet away from the frame. Camera Plus doubles up as a convenient Instagram video editor as well.


Magisto, by virtue of its one of a kind video styling features, is an application of choice by the majority of smartphone users out there. Once you’re done recording the video, Magisto not only stylizes your output but also lets you upload it to the Magisto website. The development of the final product on this application is influenced a great deal by Magisto’s algorithms. Its trademark, Emotion Sense Technology, analyzes your video to identify all the emotions that have been exhibited within it. Taking that information into account, Magisto helps you edit your videos in such a manner so that they align perfectly with the mood of the user in question, both audibly as well as visually. Besides adding effects to your final output, Magisto also lets you add a soundtrack of your choice to your video.


ProCam is the perfect mobile application for all those who desire professional experience and access to a rich array of features while creating business videos. Apart from allowing you to record video and still shots during recording, ProCam also provides its users with uncomplicated navigation to access its various video and photo features. Post recording, one can use several editing components that come built-in with the ProCam app to enhance their output further. With its steady cam and spot lock and focus features, ProCam lets you avoid shaky shots besides facilitating a seamless recording of your subject in consideration. All of this work towards giving your video the desired professional touch. Using this application, a user can also include the time-lapse and slow-motion feature in their videos.


As a mobile application, Videon is increasingly designed to cater to all the advanced video creators out there. Armed with a sharp zoom-in feature and highly effective video stabilization, Videon lets you achieve professional-grade output solely through the means of your smartphone. Videon also comes equipped with an adjustable frame rate tool besides supporting multiple high-resolution displays. Businesses looking to create premium content on a tight budget need not look beyond Videon to meet their requirements. Professional content creators looking to level up their work to improve their insights and content interactions stand to benefit a lot from the feature-rich interface of Videon. Further, Videon also gives you the liberty of merging small clips into longer videos and then subsequently reordering and trimming the final output as required.

FilMic Pro:

Besides being adjudged as the video app of the year, professional mobile video production app FilMic Pro, has always been consistent among awards on other occasions. Courtesy of its cutting-edge features and its superior user-friendliness, FilMic Pro has still ruled the roost in the field of mobile applications designed for video creation and editing. Apart from allowing the convenience of three different shooting modes, the application also gives its users access to other handy features, including audio metering, and 4 times zoom. Businesses with an active social media presence stand to benefit from FilMic Pro’s seamless social sharing features. Once the video has been recorded on the app, it can be shared to multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo.


It goes without saying that when it comes to scouting for mobile applications for creating business videos, there is no shortage of either quality or quantity in the market out there. In this case, it becomes highly essential for the individual or the organization to be aware of their project demands and requirements and select a tool that best meets their objective. While the above-mentioned list of mobile applications certainly does not make for an exhaustive list, they act as excellent entry points for all those looking to get started with the process of video creation.